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Yasuni Volunteer

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The Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador is under a constant struggle for human activities such as oil development, habitat fragmentation, illegal hunting and logging, we need to understand the forest dynamics to live within.

Shiripuno Research Center offers great opportunities to get immersed into the Diversity of Life of the Yasuni, we are running small projects with volunteers help to create public awareness about the need to protect more pristine areas in the world. Please check below our projects you can help us on:

Daily activities in the forest combines collecting plants specimens, recording birds and mammals, repairing trail signs, photography, trap camera and tons of other activities, we encourage personal projects.

The program requires a month minimum stay and basic Spanish.

A letter of intention on which the postulant describe why are interested in joining the volunteer program.

Inscription cost: $ 100

Food & Board: $ 30 per day or $ 900 a mont.

Accommodations in double shared bedrooms with private bathroom.